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Passage-based reading (48 questions)
Sentence Completion Questions (19 questions)
Critical Reading Raw Score
Critical Reading Score
Multiple Choice Questions (44 questions)
Student-Produced Responses (10 questions)
Mathematics Raw Score
Mathematics Score
Improving Sentences Questions (25 questions)
Identifying Sentence Errors (18 questions)
Improving Paragraphs Errors (6 questions)
Essay Score
Writing Raw Score
Writing Score
Total Score
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This calculator reflects the scores of the tests administered from March 2008 to December 2008. The formulas used to translate from raw scores to scaled scores change slightly from edition to edition of the test. This ensures that a student's score of, say, 600 on one edition of a test reflects the same ability as a score of 600 on another edition of the test.

The raw scores are calculated by adding one point for each correct answer and substracting 1/4 point for each wrong answer. Then the raw scores are scaled and reported on a 200-800 scale by a process called equating.

Feel free to use our tool to estimate your SAT Reasoning score. Please note that this calculator is based on the 2008 exams and does not follow exactly the same scoring formulas used at the time you will take the test.








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