Springs Problems

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Springs Problems

Some dynamics SAT Physics exam questions require knowledge of springs. Typically, at least one test question requires you to apply Hooke's law.

1. An object of mass 4kg is attached to a spring. The equilibrium position of the object is .4m from the point where the spring exerts no force on the object. What is the spring constant, k?

a) 20N/m
b) 25N/m
c) 45N/m
d) 50N/m
e) 100N/m

2. A mass m on a frictionless surface is attached to a spring. The spring is compressed from its equilibrium position, 2, to point 1, a distance 'a' from point 1. Point 3 is a distance 'a' from 2, but in the opposite direction. When the mass is released and allowed to oscillated freely, at what points is its velocity equal to zero?

a) points 1 and 2
b) points 1 and 3
c) points 2 and 3
d) point 2 only
e) point 3 only