Thermodynamics Problems

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Thermodynamics Problems

Between 6 and 11 SAT Physics questions require knowledge of thermodynamics such as: temperature, heat transfer, specific and latent heat, thermal expansion, laws of thermodynamics.

1. A glass with .2 liters of water is poured into a vase containing 1 liter of water. The temperature of the water in the glass is T1 = 80C and the temperature of the water in the vase is T2 = 20oC. At what temperature will the water reach thermal equilibrium?
a) 40oC
b) 35.5oC
c) 20oC
d) 30oC
e) 50oC

2. A process adds 250 J of heat to a gas in a cylinder, and then the gas does 140 J of work on the two circular surfaces of the cylinder. What is the change in internal energy of the gas?
a) -110J
b) 110J
c) -140J
d) 200J
e) 390J

3. Which of the following is not an example of radiation?
a) a fuel-burning stove heating a room
b) a sun warming a planet
c) an incandescent bulb generating heat
d) a microwave oven cooking food
e) an open window cooling down a room

4. An ideal gas is heated from 20oC to 60oC in a closed container at constant volume. If the initial pressure of the gas is 2Pa, what is its final pressure?
a) 2Pa
b) 4Pa
c) 6Pa
d) 8Pa
e) 10Pa