New Jersey ASK Practice



The New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge is the standardized test given to all grades 3-8 New Jersey public-schooled students and is designed to measure student attainment of New Jersey's Core Curriculum Content Standards. The Office of State Assessments (OSA) of the New Jersey Department of Education administers the NJ ASK test together with the High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA) that is given to students in the eleventh grade. The subjects of the NJ ASK are mathematics, language arts, and science.


Examples of NJASK8 8th grade math questions:

Question 1: The height of a building is 25.5 meters. What is the height of the building in centimeters?

Question 2: How many cups are in 3 gallons?

Question 3: What is the area of the hatched shape in the figure below? All corners are right, AB = 3, AD = 6, GH = 1 and EG = 1.

Question 4: x2 - y2 =

Question 5: Solve the following inequality: 15 - 3a < 3

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