California CAHSEE Practice



The CAHSEE exam is used to determine student achievement in English-language arts and mathematics. The California public school students must satisfy the California High School Exit Examination requirements, as well as other state and local requirements, in order to receive a high school diploma.

The mathematics section of CAHSEE consists of about 90 multiple choice questions and covers the following areas:
-Number Sense
-Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability
-Algebra and Functions
-Measurement and Geometry
-Mathematical Reasoning
-Algebra I

Examples of California CAHSEE mathematics multiple choice questions

Number Sense:

Question 1: The speed of sound at sea level is 3.4029x102 m/s. Write this in standard number form.

Question 2: A submarine communication cable of length 14.033 miles is connected in series with another cable of length 1.12 miles. What is the length of the resulting cable?

Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability

Question 3: Your cell phone bills for the first four months of the year are given in the table below. What is the average monthly cost?


Question 4: The graph below shows the distance traveled by a car versus time. How long did it take the car to travel from mile 50 to mile 150?


Algebra and Functions

Question 5: Find the value of x by solving the following equation:
2(2x - 1) = x - 17

Question 6: The slope of the line represented by the equation y(x) = ax + b + cx is:

Measurement and Geometry

Question 7: What is the distance between points A and B in the Cartesian coordinate system below?

Question 8: What is the area of the hatched shape in the figure below? All corners are right, AB = 3, AD = 6, GH = 1 and EG = 1.

Mathematical Reasoning

Question 9: Which of the following answers approximates best point 'A', situated on the number line below?

Algebra I

Question 10: Find the values x that satisfy the inequality x - b + a > 2x + a - b.

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